How will you benefit?

The advantages of Managed Sourcing

The interests of various departments within an organisation vary from time to time. Whilst the IT department wants the best quality, purchasing wants sharp deals. The financial department wants cost control, whilst contract managers want insight and manageability.

With Managed Sourcing, you can unite these seemingly incompatible wishes and demands. Managed Sourcing provides more freedom for decision makers and users, whilst your organisation as a whole gets a better grip on IT.

Benefits for Contract Management

Managed Sourcing enables you, as contract manager, to optimise IT sourcing.

Benefits for Procurement Management

As procurement manager, you can reach the entire market with one application and realise continuous competition positioning.

Benefits for IT Management

As an IT manager, you gain the ability to optimally consolidate your infrastructure.

Benefits for Financial Management

As a financial manager, you gain instant insight into your organisation’s IT expenses and IT savings.