Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our vision

The world around us is changing rapidly. IT developments play an important role in this, both in social and economic relationships. The role of IT will become even more defining for the future. To keep up with this changing world, you, as an organisation, need to be flexible and agile. This certainly also applies to the development and use of IT within your organisation. Agility is the key to success!

Our mission

The way organisations provide for their needs nowadays, including those in IT, has too many limitations. The number of different contracts with suppliers, the extended duration of these contracts, their rigidity and the time it takes to close and manage them all: these are all factors that limit the flexibility and agility of organisations. This is significant, as the developments occurring around us make different demands on the way you meet your IT needs.

“Exit the contract age, enter the Managed Sourcing® age”, that is our motto.

It is our mission to work with you to fulfil the requirements of your IT needs in a smart way, in a way that it truly contributes to the flexibility and adaptability of your organisation. Without restrictions, but managed 100%.

Our strategy

The IT power and agility of your organisation is determined by the quality, availability and underlying cohesion of the following IT components, or quadrants:

  • Human Skills, any IT professional you are looking for
  • Infrastructure, your entire IT infrastructure
  • Software, all the software you need
  • Practices, specific expertise in, for example, processes and certifications

With Managed Sourcing®, Protinus IT offers managed freedom within these quadrants: through a single agreement, you get continuous freedom of choice, immediate availability and optimal insight into products, services, suppliers and distribution models.