Our ambition

The founders of Protinus IT know the IT world, and have many years of experience in sourcing and contract management. The world around us is moving faster and we see many organisations struggling to keep up with that pace. In addition to this, considerable savings must be made.

Because we were limited by many preconditions, we were able to help customers in the traditional way, but only in part. This did not provide that ultimate sense of satisfaction that we strive for.

From this grew the idea of ​​sourcing in a much smarter way. A way that is also cheaper and more sustainable. A way that makes our customers truly agile. We at Protinus believe that you should be able to take ownership of your choices one day and be free to get rid of them the next.

We can see that we cause unnecessarily fatigue for one another with the difficult contracts and small print. We believe that this represents an out-dated form of thinking and acting. Small print needs to be removed and business intelligence, and the required functionality, must come first. In short: a much more functional way of thinking and organising, also for, and precisely with regard to, sourcing. Organisations must become more agile. And ideally, that manoeuvrability must be managed.

At Protinus IT we make every effort to achieve this for our customers, and we have even come up with a good word for that, namely: “Managility”.

The name Protinus is originally Latin and has a threefold meaning:

  1. Immediate“: All IT sources must be immediately or instantaneously available. But we also have to be able to get rid of it immediately.
  2. Progress“: The world is moving faster and organisations need to advance faster. Anything that no longer contributes to this should not be repeated.
  3. Leading“: Protinus strives to provide its customers with concrete and proven, but innovative, methodologies in order to support them in the increasing need for adaptability in IT.

It is our ambition to become the leading gateway for instant and managed IT sourcing in the Netherlands.