Protinus IT is currently breaking through quite a few old values. Large organisations are often ‘caught’ in distribution models, contracts and small print. Protinus IT will help these organisations free themselves from them. That will create waves every now and then. It must, because the world is moving too fast for traditional IT sourcing.

When looking at the consumer world, you can see enormous instant availability. Even contracts: You can have it tomorrow, and get rid of it the day after tomorrow. That is not how it works in the business world yet, but we believe it should. After all, critical consumerism leads to critical business practices.

Organisations need to be more agile, able to build speed, but also be able to take the foot off the gas when necessary. Or to be flexible and transform quickly.

What if you could make your fixed costs variable…. What if tomorrow, you could get rid of the platform, the software package that you have been working on, but which probably has not been working for you for years now.

Whether you are CIO, CEO, CFO, strategic buyer or contract manager … everyone has his or her own urge. What have we really learned from that unexpected credit crisis? If only your organisation could be agile…

We at Protinus IT believe that manoeuvrability is a great asset, but that the business IT world, on numerous levels, is far from being so. Whilst technology progresses, the way of doing business remains the same. Traditional distribution models, old contract forms, they are all too rigid. In many respects, the Netherlands can no longer keep up with the global economics of scale. We should no longer strive take on that battle in any case. The law of the inhibiting lead has overtaken us.

Agility should be the strength of and for Dutch organisations. It would even be better if we were not only aware of this, but could also manage this agility.

The word ‘managed’ ends with ‘aged’. We have managed many things. Being content with that is the old way of thinking. After all, it says nothing about our level of agility. Agility is defined as: the quickness and readiness of movement. Now combine the words ‘managed’ and ‘agility’…. Remove the ‘aged’ part and break from the past…

A new word is created, a new concept. A concept that we truly believe in at Protinus IT and are extremely committed to providing for our customers: Managility. We at Protinus can place a trademark symbol behind it: Managility®

The ‘Protinus-P’ in our logo symbolises a new, contemporary and future-oriented approach to bringing together all IT disciplines, a multitude of top suppliers, various distribution models, tried-and-true, but also innovative IT techniques and ways of doing business. For our customers, this means thinking ahead and thinking functionally, so that we do not let ourselves be held back by the past. IT is a young profession and not a mature industry yet. “Where the world is getting faster, organisations need to become more agile.” It is possible and it is possible right now! Protinus is happy to help you achieve this.