Instant Sourcing

The next step to Managed Sourcing, after Pre-Sourcing has taken place, is Instant Sourcing. With Instant Sourcing, Protinus IT unlocks the portfolios of its pre-sourced suppliers, distributed over the quadrants Infrastructure, Software, Human Skills and Practices. All products and services are immediately available and can be ordered here, online ( as well as offline, without obligations.

At Protinus IT you no longer have any obligations to that one supplier; thanks to Instant Sourcing, you have direct access to multiple suppliers. You will no longer have to look yourself; the suppliers have already been selected for you! You have the freedom to choose the supplier that offers you the best in the market, and always at a competitive and market-standard price. We believe that you as a customer should be able to choose “the best solution” without being exposed to distribution channel conflicts or lock-in hazards.

Instant Sourcing ensures continuous competition positioning and market conformity. Protinus IT is ready to assist and advise you during negotiations. Our consultants are able to join your negotiation meeting any time as a third- and independent party.

What Instant Sourcing offers:

  • Direct access to ‘best of breed’ suppliers
  • All suppliers are pre-sourced
  • Distribution channel independence
  • Continuous competition positioning and market conformity
  • Direct availability (purchase, lease and rent)
  • Intensive assistance with negotiations